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    nanochip fab solutions

    Making and Managing the Intelligent Factory

    Data and IP Security: Hot Topics at APC 2019 Conference

    By David Lammers

    As semiconductor manufacturing moves into a “cyber-physical” era of smart manufacturing, providing data security in shared data environments such as cloud-based computing is proving to be an ongoing challenge.

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    Moving to a New Level of Intelligent Manufacturing

    By David Hanny

    Semiconductor manufacturing over the past few decades has moved through several levels of technology, with each transition leading to lower costs and higher fab productivity. Now the industry is entering yet another change cycle, driven by increasing semiconductor quality requirements to meet the demands of IoT applications.

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    Attention to Packaging Pays Off

    By Nanochip Staff

    Given the complexity of Applied Materials equipment and spare parts there are plenty of physical and environmental packaging challenges. To address these, Applied has expanded its staff of packaging engineers, set up a lab, and worked with suppliers around the globe to align its packaging specifications with customer needs.

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    Upcoming Applied Global Services Events

    See us at our upcoming Applied Global Services Events

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